Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Adventures of the STINKY FRIDGE!! Received-11-12-2012

Hey again! :)

Yup I'm lovin it here in SJDM(San Jose Del Monte City) so far.  Haha, hopefully I will get Montalban next time, that was Elder Hensley's last zone and it sounds pretty amazing.

Had a pretty great week.  I'm having a blast with Elder Hensley so far and we're getting some good work done.  The people here are super nice too(and feed us lots;). 

Holy tawale my friends are getting mission calls! :D  That's great news about both Becca's!  I'm glad you worked up the courage to text her haha :o)  You'll hafta tell her congrats for me.
Becca Oliphant's going to serve in the same mission as me?! :D  Hahaha, that's awesome!  I never thought about serving in the same mission as a friend, that's gonna be a blast!  Might also make me a bit trunky for PG haha :)  Let me know if she has any Philippines questions and tell her I'm super excited to serve with her haha  Don't forget to let me know where Shelby's going too eh?

Yup, heard about Obama.  Oh well... hope he does well... or that this helps bring the 2nd coming faster :o)

Wow!  That's awesome that Kylee made the 9th grade basketball team!  Make sure and tell her way to go for me.  Tell her to stick with the practices even though she can't play as much, (she's also got a main part in the Jr. High play going on at the same time), it'll help her get on the HS team next year.  Make sure and get me some epic pics and stories from Hunter's first Bantam game too, pretty bummed out I'll hafta miss that. :)

Wow......  That's FREAKEEZING COLD!!! (freaking-freezing cold:o) (I told him about our weekend snow storm) I'm pretty sure I might freeze to death when I get home.  Tell Becca to be ready for Heat shock when she gets here, she'll be getting here right at the hottest point of summer haha.  Sure glad I don't hafta do any snow shoveling again this year :)
GROSS!!! I think it's alive!!!

Storytime:  When we first got here our apartment stunk REALLY bad.  Elders had abandoned it for about a month and forgot to take all their food out of the fridge... blech! So we cleaned it out really good and now it's not all that bad at all.  I actually like the apartment a lot!  We're almost in the middle of this little forest on the side of the road.  There's a little spot on the side of the house that's perfect for studying.  It's nice and quiet, has a nice breeze and plenty of shade and... a spot for my hammock :)  I was having a hard time setting it up when Elder Hensley(who enjoys making fun of people from Utah:o) said "Aren't you an Eagle Scout Utah boy?  You should know how to tie those knots."  Right after he said that I accidentally tied a PERFECT bowline knot and then another, and another... and another!  Don't know how I did it... never could in scouts haha.  Gotta admit I'm pretty proud of myself and you would be too Pops :)  Woot!  Lovin this place so far.

Things are pretty good with Investigators.  We only have 5(three of them are kids) but they're all progressing.  So basically everything here is going well.
Haha, loved the Halloween pics.  Keep the pics comin!  I enjoy em, even the silly ones :)

Have a great week and let me know if you've got questions about this place!
Mahal Kita!!!
Elder BJ

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