Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Maligayang Araw ng Pasasalamat! :) Received-11-19-2012

Mamaaaaa Ooooooooo! :)

Wow, we had a really good really long week!  We got a ton of work done and we're having a lot of fun at the same time.  We're in a Branch again.  It's the Minuyan branch but the organization is actually pretty good.  The District and Branches here are very close to being stepped up to a Stake and Wards.  The members are all very excited for it.  Haha, yup the fridge was pretty gross.  But again the apartment's fine now.  I'll send ya a pic of my EPIC hammock hangout :)  Nothing too exciting in the way of bug stories but if you want we'll keep our doors open at night so that we can have some eh? ;)

Epic Hammock Hangout!

Sounds like everyone's still having fun back there eh?  Glad to hear your still keeping stats at Basketball games :)  Can't wait to get back and coach and cheer that kid on.  He sure is a tall lanky kid isn't he?  Does he trip over himself like I did? :)  He dominated with rebounds eh?  Man I can't wait :)

The Rebound King!

That's really cool that Athena and Samantha are singing in the same concert as a UVU group!  Glad you were able to go and enjoyed it.  I really love music too and I'm really grateful that we've been so blessed to to have it be such a big part of our lives.  I actually have thought about joining a choir when I get home.  I really enjoyed singing with the choir in the MTC.  But we'll see what happens when I get home :)

Wow ma!  I'm super grateful for your gratitude list! haha :o)  Once again you're being an awesome example for me.  Being on a mission (especially in a foreign country) makes you grateful for so many things that you take for granted at home.  WARM showers.  Air conditioner :)  Flushing toilets.  Clean air.  Beautiful mountains.  Loving family.  Basically everything we need and most of the things we want.  We are so ridiculously blessed and sometimes we don't even realize it.  Happy Thanksgiving!  (Maligayang Araw ng Pasasalamat!:)
Getting Excited For Cooking!

Speaking of Thanksgiving... This year it's gonna be EPIC :)  We met a Less-Active last week and she warmed up to us right away and she introduced us to her neighbor that we're teaching now.  We're gonna have a big Thanksgiving at her neighbor's house with all the branch missionaries and youth that work with us.  The best part?  Me and Elder Hensley are buying a live turkey tomorrow so we can fatten it up, and then kill it, clean it, cook it, and EAT it on Thanksgiving.  It shall be a party and there SHALL be pictures.  Be excited :)

With finding new investigators we haven't ever done an English class before... maybe that would be fun :)  We usually go to Less-Active members and bring them back to church and teach their unbaptized family members.  We also get referrals.  Those are usually the best ways we find.  We can tract but it's kinda weird here in the Philippines because the houses aren't all nice and set up in a row like in America and most people are outside their houses anyway.  So sometimes we'll just talk to random people on the street.  Fun stuff :)
Elder Powell and Elder Hensley
Ready to share the Gospel
Hahaha, as I stated to Dad in his email... You guys are OLD! :)  Loved the story :)  Weird to think that I'm older right now than you were on your first thanksgiving together haha.  Pretty great story though.  I'll try and make sure that my first thanksgiving's better than that... maybe we'll eat some Filipino food on rice :)  I better start learning to cook this stuff, I'm gonna miss it when I get back.  Does Bud know how to cook Filipino food?

Love ya TONS!!!!  Have a great week and a Happy Thanksgiving!  Share my love to the family!

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