Saturday, November 3, 2012

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Received 10-30-12

Happy Halloween to you too!

Haha, glad to hear everyone's got their costume's all sorted out.  That's awesome that Hunter's gonna be Flint Lockwood.  Love that movie haha :)  Holy freaking Toledo mom!  I remember those Disney outfits hahaha, pretty intense stuff :)  Do you have any pictures of them you could send next email?  You didn't mention you, dad, and Bud's costumes!  You're gonna dress up right?  Which reminds me.... How'd my Cardinals do this year?  Did they defend the championship?

WOOOT!  Glad he went out with a bang. (Hunter's flag football) Sounds like he's got a little Johnny Harline in him eh? :)  I remember always coming home from school with grass stains on my knees hahaha, sorry bout that mom, if you don't get any stains you didn't play hard!  Do you remember the football game where we all slid in the mud after we won and I had to wrap up in an old blanket so I didn't get the car dirty?  Haha, fun times.  How's the Bantam B-ball going?

San Ildefonso District

Sooooo.... I am officially getting transferred!  San Ildefonso has been fun but I'm really excited for some change.  Haha, I'm glad we're on the same page with where I'll get transferred.  Hopefully I'll get SJDM or Montalban with all the mountains but anywhere will be great.  You'll hafta have everybody guess again for me :)

Hahahahaha!  Don't worry mom, no tape worms yet... that I know of :o)  I'd say I haven't been sick for a looooong time but I don't wanna jinx it ;)  I'm taking good care of myself even if I am getting tired of ramen noodles
Brillantes'  One of the many fun families in San Ildefonso.

Don't worry, I pulled out the money to get some new scriptures... I think I left my others on a bus on the way home from the temple.  Also left my patriarchal blessing in them.  Could you send me a new copy please?  Small and laminated like the last one?  That'd be cool :)

Alex Sta. Maria came home... and ran away again... twice.  He's ok now.  We talked with him and he seems like he's doing better and he asked us to pray for him.  Hopefully Those 2 will get baptized while Elder Wu's still here.  Aiza has been ready since the end of July but keeps skipping church.  Lame sauce!

So exciting story of the week.  We taught Americans this last week! :D  They're Filipinos but live in San Diego.  They came home to visit their house here and family.  It was really cool.  The sister is Seventh Day Adventist and the brother is Catholic.  They believe everything we've taught them.  We watched the Restoration movie (on their big-screen TV, don't think that'll happen again on my mission:o) and they said they believed it.  They're just trying to decide if they're willing to make any changes or steps in their lives because of it.  They're in their 60s or 70s.  Hopefully they continue listening to missionaries here and when they go home to USA in a week or 2 we'll send their address to the missionaries there and hopefully they'll get baptized.  Woot! :D
BJ's Place

Well..... That's All Folks! :)
Mahal na mahal kita!!!


Nice! A real shower!

Here's those pics of the apartment you've been asking for for 4 months now... hehe :)
I finally put up a couple decorations you sent... on the outside of the house :o)  Hopefully they stay there forever and I'll leave my mark on San Ildefonso :)
Like I said I LOVE my almost normal pressure shower... gonna miss it.

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