Saturday, November 3, 2012

Listen to the Natives, or you too may get muddy!-Received 10-24-12

OH MY!!! I hope Mom doesn't find out!

Had another pretty good week with a couple adventurous moments but nothing too crazy :)  Glad to hear that Jinky and Brandon are doing good.  Let her know I'm looking forward to a good Philipino meal haha :)

Glad Chelsey was able to come home and spend some time with y'all and her friends.  Pretty crazy that people are starting to get home from their missions!
Holy tawale!  Sounds like most the girls I know from High School are going on missions eh?  I heard that the application rate has jumped almost 500%, there's gonna be a TON of missionaries!  That's awesome about Becca and Shelby, you'll hafta let me know when everyone starts getting their mission calls.

Glad you guys are keeping busy :)  Sounds like Hunter really is gonna be our sports star eh?  Hope he remembers us all when he's rich and famous! :o)  His legs are friggin LONG!  He's been growing quite a bit eh?  You'll have to cheer him on for me too.  Let me know how his Basketball games go, I'm excited for this Bantam league stuff :)

A bigger puddle than I thought!

So I'm thinking (and hoping hehe:o) that Elder Hicken and I will get transferred this next Thursday (Nov. 1st).  It's been fun here in San Ildefonso but I'm getting a bit antsy for a move :)  Hoping I'll get sent to the Mountain places, San Jose Del Monte or Montalban.  Whatever happens will be fine.

Nope, no baptisms for at least a month here.  They keep skipping church... even the Sta. Maria's.  Blech!  Alex Sta. Maria actually ran away back on Sunday and I'm not sure if they've heard anything from him yet.  Hope things turn out OK for them.

Hahaha, funny story.  I haven't ever done anything with music in a church meeting until last week.  The 1 piano player in the ward was gone so they sang the first hymn with no piano.  It was so bad and quiet that I decided to play for the next 3.... even though I can only play the melody hahahaha.  It was pretty rough but it was lot's of fun :)  The missionaries don't run the branch, but the members kinda depend on us a lot.  We always fill holes when teachers don't show up and speak in sacrament meeting sometimes.  I gave the Sunday School lesson last week without any warning haha, pretty hectic.

(Answers to some ?'s we asked him.)
Haha, yup still have someone washing our clothes.-Yes our toilet flushes :)-Our shower is the nicest one I've had in the mission. You can actually feel the water pressure! :D  It's still freezing cold water, but having pressure is a step up :)-CD's would be great!  Mp3 is nice too because I have a flash drive that I can store music on but CD's are great.

Interviews went pretty well.  President mainly asked me how Elder Wu's doing and I told him how our Chinese friend has improved a  lot lately.  He thanked me and told me that I was "just what the Doctor ordered" haha :)  Also told me thanks for the great influence I'm having on others and the things I'll continue to do in the mission.  Cool beans :)


Here's our adventure for the week!  Me and Elder Wu got punted(weren't accepted at appointments) 3 or 4 times in a row last Thursday so we decided to visit a member at his new house.  The only way we knew how to get there was to go through a BIG rice field.  As we got close to the field a bunch of Filipinos told us that we should find another way because the field was muddy.  Usually people say things are muddy and we'll only see a couple puddles.  So we thought we could handle muddy.  WHOOPS haha :)  We got about halfway through the field and my foot sank super deep and my shoe got stuck.  We stood there a couple minutes before I gave up and dug it out with my hand.  Then we had to walk back to the Filipinos' house and ask them to let us use their water pump to wash our shoes off.  They laughed at us for a while and so did we.  Fun stuff :)

Love y'all TONS!!! Have a great week!
Hunter wearing dad's costume.

P.S.-LOVE the costume!  Pretty excited to see dad as a VIKING!  But..... does that mean you hafta dress-up as a cavewoman?  Just wonderin :)

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