Saturday, November 3, 2012

General Conference was 'DA BOMB!'-Received 10-15-12

Hey Hey Hey! :)

I LOVED conference again!  Luckily I wasn't dead sick like last April and I was actually able to listen and get a lot out of it like I did at the MTC.  Sadly... I forgot my notes and can't remember VERY specific things that I liked but I remember a couple of talks that I liked.  Loved both of President Uchtdorf's of course.  I really need to begin to enjoy my time here on the mission even more because before I know it, it's gonna be gone.  I liked the story he told about him and his wife biking and him wanting to race all the time.  We don't begin a bike ride just because we want to finish it! haha.  Pretty great talk.
Also liked Elder Christofferson's talk that called men back to manliness! :)  That was pretty great :) There were a BUNCH of others but my mind's kinda useless without my notes at this point :o)  Sorry! We watched conference at the District Center with some members.  It was kinda sad because there were a bunch for the Sunday morning session but for ALL the other sessions the missionaries (14) outnumbered the members! :P  It bugged me a bit at first and then reminded me how I didn't really value conference nearly as much before my mission as much as I do now.  The mission's a pretty amazing changing experience :)

Thanks for the update on everyone!  I LOVE hearing how you're all doing.  Also good to hear that you're all getting a well-deserved break and you're having a bunch of fun together :) (It was our fall break) Also glad that none of you fell off the ski tram when you went to see the leaves at Sundance.  I was always a little skittish about those too haha.  Holy freaking tawale I'm excited for Hunter to play in his Bantam League :)  You need to let me know how it goes and send me a couple of action photos :)

Speaking of action photos..... :)  We rode some more animals today!!!  Sorta :)  We went to another place with statues cuz we realized we didn't have any pictures for the last week.  Pretty exciting stuff.  Rode dinosaurs, a tiger, and (best one) a dolphin!!!! Woot! :)  Trying to have fun while we're still here in San Ildefonso.  The next transfer day is November 1 and me and Elder Hicken will probably be leavin.

Awww man!  Sorry you can't make it on band tour this year!  That's alright, there's always next year.... Maybe I'll hafta tag-along next time :o)  Pretty cool that you fingerprinted a retired NFL player... (Jason Buck) Even if he did go to Lone Peak to coach. haha

Pretty crazy that I've already been here for a year!  It's fun reading my journal entries from the MTC each day and this week I'll get to read about the plane ride haha :)
As far as the package send anything you want and I'll be SUPER happy :)  I'm getting pretty music trunky and mentioned to Chelsey that you guys need to send me the 2 Alex Boye CD's.  It would be REALLY cool too if you could send me The Piano Guys' CD.  You know.. The Jon Schmidt Steven Sharp Nelson group?  That would be THE BOMB.  And I loved the Christmas music you sent me last year but gave it to Elder Sidillo so another one of those would be great too :)

Let me know if there's anything I can do for ya or describe better for ya.  Also send my love to friends and fam!

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