Thursday, November 29, 2012

A 'Turkey-Day' To Remember!! Received-11-26-2012

Hey Everyone!

Wow Thanksgiving was a blast!  Even though I went and got sick... :P  We finally found our turkey the day before.  We had to ride a trike (motorcycle with a sidecar) all the way up a mountain to a less populated area and we finally found some people selling some bigger ones at the top.  We kept it overnight and butchered it in the morning... Kinda gross but really fun :)  But that was the morning I woke up sick so after we finished killing it I went straight back to bed and missed out on gutting it :P  Glad you were able to tell Bro. Mendenhall bout it too haha.  That was lots of fun chasing that goose down in his back yard and I was thinking about it when we got our turkey idea :)

Our Turkey!

We had our Party at Sister L's house.  She's a 50 yr. old Less-Active that hadn't gone to church for 3 years.  The first time we met her she was laughing and having fun and she's been to church for the last 2 weeks already.  Cool beans :)  We had turkey, MASHED POTATOES :D,.... rice... pancit (noodles).  haha, it was definitely Filipino style thanksgiving.  After that we sang videoke for a couple hours with all the Branch missionaries that came with us.  Videoke is Karaoke... dunno why it's got a different name here haha.
Maligayang Araw ng Pasasalamat!:)

Pretty awesome turkey experience you had comin from Chelsey's concert haha :) (We followed a diesel full of turkeys on their way to the slaughter house!) I think I'll stick to frozen turkeys too from now on even though it was fun :)

Wooooooot! :D  That's awesome that James got his call to the Pines!  Tell him congrats for me.  Cebu is where Elder Montemayor was from, they speak Cebuano instead of Tagalog.  Tell him "Maot man kag panagway oi!" for me... it's the only Cebuano I know. Means "Your face is ugly!"  Tell him it's nothing personal, just teaching what I know :o)

Things I could have gone without?  Toilet paper :)  Mosquito net... can't really think of too much.  I used the sandals once or twice but they were way cheaper here and flip flops I bought here work just as well.  Let me know if they think of anything else.  Maybe tell him if he's bored and wants to learn part of his language to try reading the Cebuano Book of Mormon out loud even though it won't make any sense at all haha.  Let me know if they have any other q's

-Nice Turkey-

Cool beans for Tauni and Jacob too!  LOTS of people are heading on missions! .... Lots of really younger people.  I've been out here FOREVER! haha :)  REALLY cool that Heather's sending her's in too!  Pretty awesome stuff!

So area:  When I say mountainous here it just means it's in the middle of a bunch of really cool hills.  It's kind of like mountains but nothing like our mountains back home :)  Haha, our toilet flushes but we have to do it with a bucket and ladle.  Definitely miss the shower from Baliwag but one day Elder Hensley boiled water on the stove and poured it into the bucket for me to shower with and I haven't been able to take a freezing cold shower since haha :)  I've been washing my own garments but I take my clothes to a Laundromat 15 minutes away... Totally worth it :)  Machine washed and dried clothes feel WAY better than hand washed.  Yup.  All our investigators have come from members so far.  Pretty great area/branch liking it here but I might be transferring already on Dec. 13.  Pretty quick eh?  It's a big city but not nearly as busy as my first area.  No rice fields and kinda polluted but ok.  A lot of the area is somewhat poor but it's not too bad.

People are just starting to put their Christmas lights up right now.  Fun stuff.  It's gonna be interesting having a warm winter again haha.  I'll make sure and get some belts made.

I'll try and get ya a day in the life of Elder Powell next week eh?  Love ya! :D

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