Monday, November 5, 2012


Hey Hey Hey! :)

WoooooT!  I'm glad you got my letter, sounds like it got to ya faster than I expected.  I only sent it about 2 weeks ago.  I kinda got in a writing mood for the first time in FOREVER and sent 8 letters out.  Hope I get some replies soon ;) 

Transfers are complete!  I've been assigned in....... NOT Caloocan... NOT Fairview... and NOT Montalban :(   I'm in SJDM! :)  It's the other mountain area I was hoping for.  It has some really pretty spots on top of the hills where you can see all the mountains but it's pretty deep city compared to San Ildefonso but not nearly as deep as caloocan.  My area is called the Minuyan Branch and there's 4 missionaries here like my last area.  There are trees all over the place, love it :)  Elder Wu's still a junior.  His and President's goal is that he'll be a Senior next transfer.  His new companion is Elder Green a super funny elder who was trained by Elder Sidillo right after me (which makes him my kapatid(brother)).  Elder Sidillo and Elder Wilson (we were in Meycauayan together) are our Zone Leaders and I'm no longer a District Leader.  Don't worry I didn't do anything disobedient :o) I'll be a Senior Comp again.

My new companion is... Elder Hensley from Florida.  He's really cool and funny and I'm excited to work with him.  His hump day is this Friday so he's almost at his year mark.  Yes we will party :)    Hopefully we'll be able to make things work out and we'll have a BLAST this transfer because he really is a great guy. Pretty excited :)

So we're both new to the branch and we don't know much about the area yet but things'll work out great.  The missionaries before us worked super hard with the Less Actives and the we have a lot of people to visit and teach.  Hopefully we'll be able to find a lot of people to start teaching and help investigate the church too.  The branch is really hard working... basically I'm really excited cuz things are looking great already :)

Hahaha, sounds like y'all had a blast on Halloween :)  Congrats on winning your costume contest at work Pops!  Being a Viking isn't so bad after all is it? ;o)

Awwwwww man!!!!  My Cards (St. Louis Cardinals) were up 3 to 1 and choked?!?!  Bummer!  Just let Hunter know he won't be so lucky again :)

Woooot!  Pretty excited for the little guy's b-ball league (in case you can't tell:o)  with good coaching at such a young age he'll turn out great!  I didn't learn the weave until I was in Junior High!  Pretty great stuff :)  How's Kylee's play and Ashlyn's band tour?   I'm thinking I need some pics of the trumpet players on people's shoulders :)

Haha, I'm glad I got some music in too, even if it did sound terrible haha :)  I hope I can learn how to play piano and guitar when I get home, I think it'd be fun.
Yup, those were the scriptures I lost.(The Leather covers he had specially made.)  BUMMER.  That'd be great if you could send me the blessing and help pay for the scripture binding :)  I think I'm gonna wait until later in my mission for the binding though so it'll be nice and new when I get home.  I also found out the branch president in the branch next to us makes belts out of carabao horns for $10.  Woot!!! :)  I'm hoping to get a couple of those for me and family, should be cool :)

Haha, wow you're keeping pretty good track of things aren't ya? :)  That's all right with transfers and people.  Just let me know if you have ?s about the baptisms.

Wow, that's pretty cool you met a couple Filipinos! :)  Fun stuff.  Hopefully Bud keeps working on his Tagalog so I'll have someone to speak it with when I get home :)

Hmmm.... Spiritual thought of the day......
Only thing I can think of is yesterday we taught the Restoration to a new investigator.  The member I was working with bore testimony about how he had prayed to know if the church was true and that's how he got his testimony.  I realized that that's not the way I got mine.  Mine came from obeying the commandments, the example of my parents and others, and reading the Book of Mormon.  I testified to her how reading from the Book of Mormon brings comfort and invites the Spirit into our lives and that by doing so we can gain a firm testimony of the truth.  I felt the Spirit as I told her about it.  Sooooooo.... READ THE BOOK OF MORMON! :)  Even taking a short 5-10 minutes to read just 1 chapter invites the Spirit into our lives whether we're blown away by the chapter or not.  Cool beans :)
I LOVED the pics you sent hahaha :)  I'm thinkin the Disney costumes are pretty rough but more than that you need to apologize for that bowl cut!  haha :)  I look like the guy off Dumb and Dumber! :o)  Sorry I don't have any pics, I've been busy and left the camera at the apartment.  I'll try and get some to ya next week.

Love ya TONS!!! :)
Elder BJ

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